Fortbildung für Feldenkrais-Lehrer*innen

FI Refresher: Arms and Legs Reaching into Spine


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There is a popular saying: „Practice makes perfect“. At this advanced stage in your training process it can be very helpful to consolidate your knowledge and polish some aspects of your work, in order to make you more confident about giving successful FIs. That is why we want would like to offer you some extra supervision, in the form of guided practice of Functional Integration.

Kathryn Hume-Cook will join you to share her understanding of Functional Integration, her vision of the relationship between ATM and FI and her approach to the Feldenkrais Method.

As you have already experienced in your training segments, Kathryn will work with specific ATMs related to the FI in order to help you understand more deeply the pattern of action related to the specific topic of the lesson. She will demonstrate the full FI and then go back to clarify any parts you would like to go over. In the afternoon you will be guided through your own FI practice with a „client“ or „practice buddy“ at home. And of course there will also be time for group discussion and reflection.

This is a great opportunity to deepen your understanding of the art of Functional Integration

This weekend we will be working with the FI-Constellation:

Arms and Legs Reaching into Spine

This FI in supine position has a clear structure, exploring diagonal connections by pushing and pulling through arms and legs, reaching into the spine and connecting to the chest and the pelvis. You can use it to address your students ability to mobilize, stabilize and support themselves over a standing leg, thus freeing the opposite arm for reaching or the opposite leg for walking.

This is an FI that also includes active participation of your client and is thus a very accessible lesson in which the learning and understanding is often quite tangible.

The program will include:

  • ATM Practice
  • FI demos taught by Kathryn
  • Analysis of the lesson: overview, background, questions and refinements
  • Guided practice
  • Discussion about the experience

Some organizational details:

  • This course is open to those of our students who have received an email invitation and who are at the end of the third year or in the 4th year of their training with us.
  • We will also extend an invitation to graduates of our training programs. But we will give our students the chance to sign up first, but dont wait too long!
  • There will be no recording of the seminar. The idea is to learn in the moment and not later by re-watching
  • Please have someone at home to work with on both days at 12:15h. Important: Your visitor should arrive at 12:15h so that he/she has time to prepare.
  • Even if you have no one at home to work with, you can still participate in the course. Just keep in mind that the course will not be recorded.