Seminar für Jedermann

Feldenkrais & Flow, Segment 3

mit Paul Newton , Thomas Farnbacher , Mara Fusero

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Feldenkrais & Flow

In the Feldenkrais Method we like to say that one goal is to „complete an action with our entire self“. This sounds a bit strange at first, but if you have done a few Feldenkrais lessons, you will quickly understand what is meant by this: the feeling that you are not just moving in unconnected, habitual ways, but that ALL parts of you are proportionally contributing to that “whole”. Everything contributes to your ability to move your intention directly into action. The feeling that competing movements, ingrained habits of movement and posture for a moment no longer play a role, and you are completely in a state of experimenting with movement in the present moment – comfortable, connected, responsive, adaptable and esthetically satisfying – the feeling that you are in FLOW.

Moshe Feldenkrais, in his book “The Potent Self”, talked about how we are often „cross-motivated“; how our movements are often burdened with cultural ideas, evaluations, and attachments we built up in our childhood and adolescence. If we can free ourselves from this, then we are suddenly able to implement our intentions and to make our own choices with clarity and purpose.

Our three Educational Directors, Mara Fusero, Paul Newton and Thomas Farnbacher have collaborated to design a course to help us refine and develop our capacity for FLOW. All three have different backgrounds and are among the most renowned Feldenkrais trainers in the world with each of them training numerous new Feldenkrais teachers every year.

In this online seminar consisting of three two-day segments, they will not be able to show us how to throw off all our ballast immediately and forever. But the three of them know very well how we can use the experience of FLOW to set us on the right course again and again. How the experience of genuinely and truly doing something with your whole self can help us move better and healthier overall, and not lose our inner balance so quickly.

Come and join us for this rich experience and make valuable discoveries about yourself. See how good you can feel when you’re in FLOW.